Everyone who is part of the Outer Circle has a Triad that gets together every gathering (at a minimum). Triads are formed organically – it’s up to each person in the OC to find two or three other people to gather with. Everyone in the Triad should be part of the OC so that each person will be going through the same process.

For those who aren’t sure who to ask we have a table available at the first OC Gathering of the year for those who don’t yet have a Triad. At this table, you can meet others who are also looking for a Triad.

Each Triad commits to each other for one year at a time and remains the same throughout the year. They can renew or disband at the end of the yearly cycle after the last OC Gathering in October.

6435062443_1edd6ff6ee_oIt is in these Triads that we share with each other how it’s going with our “Plan”. We ask each other, “what are the barriers to growth?” and we pray for and encourage each other. Of course this is not limited to the OC gatherings! It is very helpful to meet in addition to the four OC gatherings per year.

It is important for Triads to be no more than four people. Larger groups require more leadership, take too much time, and restrict the depth of sharing.

Some Triads find that they simply cannot make it to the Gatherings. Scheduling is sometimes difficult even with only four gatherings per year. This is fine because it’s not about the big gatherings. Just make sure you are regularly getting together with your Triad. Make a schedule and stick to it!

“How’s your plan going?”

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