What’s in a Name? & Keeping Track

What’s In a Name?

The Outer Circle is a reference to what happens in the Musk-ox circle. Those who are strong use their strengths to care for the weak. This is backwards to how our society generally exercises strength but it is how Jesus used his. We don’t want to have an “inner circle” of leadership but rather a strong outer circle that uses it’s resources for compassion, mercy and care.


Keeping Track

We want to stay faithful to what God’s called us to. Most Triads find it helpful to take notes on each other throughout the year. This isn’t to be legalistic, but rather to encourage practical and focused care for each other. Plus – it’s an exciting way to track growth in each other over time.

Taking notes also helps us steer away from just connecting on a “how ya doing?” level – which isn’t bad, it’s just not what the Outer Circle is about.

“It’s more than a ‘how ya doing?'”

You can keep track of your areas using a graph like the one below.  Fill one out for yourself and each member of your Triad.  Physical copies are inside the OC Manual available at the Info table.  You can view and read about our Core Practices here.

Outer Circle Keeping Track

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