>> What’s the purpose?

To foster an environment of intentional growth and encouragement in WCV. We want to spur each other on to be more like Jesus!

>> Do I have to do the Prayer – People – Plan steps to be part of the OC?

Yes – once a year at the beginning.

>> What if I can’t share in my Triad?

Each person should have a Triad in which they feel safe to share and be vulnerable with the questions given.

>> 4 meetings a year aren’t enough for accountability…

You’re right. The primary purpose of the OC isn’t to create a system, let alone a system that ensures accountability. Relationships in the OC are catalysts for further connection.

>> How big are the Triads?

3 – 4 people.

>> Are Triads consistent?

Each Triad has the same people throughout the year. There is a yearly time (between Oct & Jan) to sign-on again, at which time Triads could change.

>> How are Triads formed?

Triads are formed organically based on relationship. It’s up to you to find two other people to share with. However, we recognize that this is sometimes difficult. At the first gathering of the year we have an open table at which those who have not yet found a Triad can gather and share together. If you need help contact the office or one of the pastors.

>> What if I haven’t “bought into” all the Core Practices?

The 15 Core Practices are a description of what God’s called us at WCV to do and become. If you’re open to considering them then you can be part of the OC.

>> What if I have an area in my life I should concentrate on that isn’t listed in the Core Practices?

This is ok. However, it’s best to use the Core Practices as a base and only add your own if necessary. The Core Practices are broad enough that most areas of discipleship can be found in them. Choosing from all three categories (worship, community & justice) helps keep us well-rounded in our growth.

>> Can I join the OC anytime?

Yes. While it’s best to join at the beginning, you can join any time. You still need to begin with the “3 P steps”.

>> Who can join the OC?

Anyone, as long as they commit to, and follow through with the process.

>> Is the OC connected to membership in WCV?

Yes.  Being in a Triad is one of the ways people “belong” in the Vineyard.  For more on membership go here.

>> Do I have to be part of the OC to belong to the church?


>> What if I miss a gathering?

No prob. You’ll just need to find a time to share with your Triad.

>> Is there babysitting?

Yes. You need to let the office know beforehand.

>> What time are the gatherings?

5:30 – 8pm on Saturdays. Jan, Mar, Jun & Oct.

Nosey Musk Ox>> Is it good food?

Yes! It sometimes borders on gourmet – you don’t need to bring anything.

>> Do I have to become a Musk Ox?

Um, no. The Musk Ox circle is simply a useful analogy for of part of what God has called WCV to do! We worship God, the Creator, but we can see aspects of his character reflected in his creation.

>>If you have any more questions about the Outer Circle, please talk to one of the pastors or come to an Outer Circle orientation.

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