Men’s Lake Getaway – the Contemplative Life

We experience an overdose of activity because of all the things expected of us. Life is often characterized by doing and busyness. It’s difficult to dial down into quietness; to rest, reflect, and simply be. This kind of contemplative life seems to evade us.  This year we want to consider the benefits of cultivating an inner life that we may know God and ourselves more deeply. We will hear from those who live this well. It will be a time of listening, sharing, and deciding what might click for us going forward.

Of course, we will enjoy all the fun things at the lake while we hang loose and relax. Food by Peter the Great will exceed our expectations and appetites. We want this to be a watershed time for us all that enriches our lives for days to come. Don’t miss it!

Due to demolition of a cabin, the number of beds is reduced this year and we expect a need for a lot more mats and tents. We recommend that your registration is completed and the fee be paid by August 15th for your best chance for a bed.

Where & When:

  • September 8 – 10. Starts Friday night at 7:30 p.m. and ends at noon on Sunday.
  • Rademaker Cabins on Lindsay Rd., Clearwater Bay, Ontario
  • 20 minutes (30 km) East of Ontario-Manitoba border just 2 kms East of Clearwater Bay. Right on Lindsay Rd., drive straight into Fire Rd. 5 or 6.


  • Cost $50 (partial subsidy available if needed).  Payment due with registration.
  • Cash or cheque to church office or Cornelius, or via e-transfer (email Lillian for instructions).  Make cheques payable to WCV and indicate “Men’s Getaway” in the memo line.
  • Bring sleeping bag /bedding /tent if required
  • We have limited inside beds (first registered basis) but lots of decks for tenting or mats!



September 8 – 10, 2017


Men’s Lake Getaway registration

What & Why:

One of Jesus’ most famous stories is about two sons and their father.  The younger son asks his father for his inheritance long before he is meant to have it (his father was still alive!) and after receiving it, goes and spends it on wild living.  He runs out of money, gets a job feeding pigs, and ends up starving.  Coming to his senses, he decides to return to his father’s house, and when he does, his father throws him an extravagant celebration.  The older son hears the music and is furious because though he’s always been a faithful servant to his father, he’s never been thrown a party.
Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 12.49.40 PMWe are earthly sons of our parents and heavenly sons of God by faith – but what kind of sons are we?
Like the younger son we’ve all had moments where we’ve lost our way and ended up in the company of swine.
Like the elder son, we’ve all felt that despite how hard we have tried we haven’t gotten what was owed us.
Come and enjoy a weekend of reflection and fun (with great food!) as we dive into more of what it means to live as real sons of our father in heaven.

When & Where:

Sept 11 – 13, starts Friday night at 7:30pm.  Ends Sunday noon.

Rademaker Cabins on Lindsay Rd., Clearwater Bay, Ontario.  20 minutes East of the Ontario border just 2km East of Clearwater Bay.  Right on Lindsay Rd., drive straight in to Fire Rd 5 or 6.


Cost: $50 (partial subsidy available if needed).  Payment required with registration – Please include Cash or Cheque to Church Office or Cornelius (payable to Vineyard Men’s Getaway)

Bring: sleeping bag / bedding / tent if required (or wanted)

We have limited inside beds (first come basis) but lots of decks for tenting or mats!

Count me in!

Fill in the form below to register.  It will be sent to Cornelius Martens.


Men’s Lake Getaway – survey

What a blast!  Getting together with 45+ other guys to worship, pray together, have fun, be inspired, make new friends, fire golf balls across the lake, fish, experience God together…  Good times.

Below is a quick survey (9 questions – just a few minutes) designed to help us both make it better and evaluate what happened amongst us this year.

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Men’s Lake Getaway

Have Fun ~ Hang Out ~ Be Encouraged

Sept 12 – 14, 2014 @ Lake of the Woods

What & Why?

Let’s Have Fun:

Let’s get together and enjoy this beautiful spot of creation and each other’s company.  Swimming, boating, canoeing, golfing, hiking, camp-fires, late night games & snacks, cannon-balls off the dock into the refreshing waters of Clearwater Bay – there are loads of fun activities we can do together.  Plus we’ll have amazing food served up by our talented WCV chefs.

Let’s Hang Out and Be Encouraged:

In the midst of having fun together, we’ll get to know each other better.  While the whole weekend will be pretty informal, there will be a few times of worship and prayer plus we’ll have the chance to hear a few WCV guys share thoughts that will encourage and inspire us on the topic of experiencing God.

Cliff Jump - men's getawayWhen & Where?

Sept 12 – 14.  Starts Friday at 7:30pm.  Ends Sunday at noon.

Rademaker Cabins on Lindsay Rd, Clearwater Bay, Ontario.  20 minutes east of the Ontario border, just 2km east of Clearwater Bay.  Right on Lindsay Rd – drive straight in to fire road 5 or 6.


Cost $50 (partial subsidy available if needed)

Bring sleeping bag, bedding, tent if required.  We have limited inside beds (first come basis) but lots of decks for tenting or mats!

Payment with registration: Please include cash or cheque to the church office or Cornelius Martens (payable to “Winnipeg Centre Vineyard”).