Who Do You Say I Am? – a Challenge

Jesus once asked his disciples this pointed question: “Who do you say I am?” (Mark 8:29)  It was, of course, Peter who blurted out the answer: “You are the Christ!”  This question can be equally powerful when we ask God for his answer for ourselves and others.  He may not blurt out the answer like Peter did, but he will gently and surely lead us to the best answers for ourselves and our community.

We hope you’ve been stirred in this direction through our “Why On Earth: David, calling and the pursuit of God” series.  But we want you to be more than stirred!  Toward answering this question of calling and identity, we want to end with a practical challenge.  From February 12 – 26 we will shine a light on the question of calling with the purpose of gaining more clarity regarding our vocations.  It will be a two week prayer challenge during which time we’ll have daily meditations designed to help orient your prayers along the lines we’ve been exploring.  We encourage you to team up with one or two other people (others in your Triad, House Group, a mentor, or a friend) and commit to praying for each other along the lines of the daily meditations.  The end goal is for everyone involved to have more clarity in their calling so we can more fully live them out.

To help facilitate this we are going to devote most of our normal teaching times on February 12 and 19 to praying for each other.  There will be just one service on both these Sundays that will be curated in a way to help us hear from God for each other.


  • To gain more clarity on our personal callings so that we can live them out more fully.
  • To apply what we’ve learned through our series on David.


  • Two-week Prayer Challenge – praying for clarity in your calling with one or two others.
  • Asking God the question “who do you say I am?” and listening for his answer in a variety of ways.


  • We’ll kick it off on Sunday, February 12.  On Sunday, February 26 we’ll hear personal stories to encourage each other.

How Should You Prepare?:

  • Find one or two people and commit to praying for each other during the Prayer Challenge along the lines of the daily meditations.


“Do What Jesus Did” with Robby Dawkins

Don’t get stuck asking “What would Jesus Do?”  Be equipped to do it!

What is the “Do What Jesus Did” event?

John Wimber famously asked the question, “When do we get to do the stuff?”  We are not only meant to believe in Jesus and what he did – we are meant to be transformed by his love and do what he did in our everyday lives today.  Jesus himself said, we would do greater things than he did (John 14:12).  Many of us would be content to see only a little of what he did in our lives.  We want to see the things he did expressed in our own lives and in our life together.  Jesus has invited us to participate in his mission – to change the world around us – to see God’s Kingdom here on earth!

At this event you will get practical and inspirational teaching, you will get to pray for others and be prayed for, and you will be equipped to go out and do what Jesus did.  God may well transform your life and use you to transform someone else’s life too!

Who is Robby Dawkins?

Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 3.54.07 PMIn 1996 Robby and his wife, Angie, planted a church among the urban poor of Aurora, Illinois (Chicago).  More than half his congregation were drawn into God’s story through power encounters and miracles.  God called Robby for the purpose of building up and equipping the local church with “power tools” to do what Jesus did.  These “power tools” are prophetic ministry, healing, ministry of the presence of God, and deliverance from demonic power.  Robby tells hundreds of personal stories of God’s Kingdom breaking in anchored in practical biblical insights.

Robby and Angie have 6 sons and pastor Vineyard Aurora.  Robby is one of the most sought after Vineyard speakers in our movement.  He is known for films he has been featured in like “Father of Lights” and “Furious Love” as well as his books “Do What Jesus Did” and “Identity Thief“.


When is it?

Saturday, January 23, 2015.  

  • Session 1: 10am
  • Session 2: 2pm
  • Session 3: 6pm

Also, Robby’s friend, Gordon, will be speaking on Sunday at our Downstairs Gathering at 10am.

Where is it?

782 Main St, Winnipeg, MB.

The Do What Jesus Did event is hosted by Winnipeg Centre Vineyard and jointly endorsed by our friends at:

  • Brandon Vineyard,
  • Cornerstone Vineyard (Winkler) and
  • Prairie Vineyard (Portage la Prairie).

What does it Cost?

There will be love offerings taken at the sessions.  Please be prepared to give.  If you can’t afford anything please don’t let that keep you from coming!

Join us, and spread the word!