Imaginative Prayer Launch in Kids Church

Parents, we are so excited as we launch into Imaginative Prayer with the Grade 1-7 this fall and winter!

Jared Patrick Boyd is the author.  Jared was my spiritual direction teacher in my first year at the School of Spiritual Direction.  He is a pastor and a father to four children.  His heart is amazing and you can read all about his vision in his introduction to Imaginative Prayer or hear Jared here.

In Kids Church we will be going through a lesson per week.  You can follow along as parents and follow-up with your child.  As Jared states on page 25-26 “This book is not a guide for busy parents.  It’s an invitation for busy parents to slow down, take some deep breaths, and recognize that you are the most important person in your child’s life and spiritual formation.  There is no environment your church can create to compete with the kind of connection that you are able to nurture with your child.”  You’ll find if you give yourselves to this process (even if you can’t do all the exercises), you will experience growth.

Here’s what our fall calendar will look like.  Feel free to follow along!

  • Sept 10 – Week 1
  • Sept 17 – Week 2
  • Sept 24- Week 3
  • Oct 1 – Week 4
  • Oct 8 – Thanksgiving – No Kids Church
  • Oct 15 – Week 5
  • Oct 22 – Week 6
  • Break for Gifts4God until the New Year . . .

There are also some new changes to our structure.  Grades 1-4 will continue to meet upstairs in Kids Church with our AMAZING team. Grades 5-7 will have a new youth team meeting with them in the youth room.  Grades 8-12 will meet in the Comfy Couch Room.

This book is about connection because of the way Jesus asks us to imagine our life with him – he is the vine, his Father is the gardener, and we are connected to him.  This is how we bear fruit.  This is the image he give us.  This is what he asks us to imagine.”  (13, Imaginative Prayer)

WCV is providing one copy per family.  (More copies of this book are on order and will be here the week of Oct 13)

Filled with hope at what’s ahead . . .

~ Jodi Labun

A Summer Head’s Up

Well, it seems like summer is finally here and our schedule is adjusting accordingly.  Our Sunday Gatherings during the summer months are special times because they include all the children throughout the whole service.  Because of this, we tend to make sure the overall service is about 1/2 hour shorter (10 – 11:15am instead of 10 – 11:45am).  We do this by shortening the sermon and cutting out announcements altogether.  June 29 will be our first shortened service without organized kid’s church.

Also, we are going to be having just one main gathering downstairs from now until September.  The Upstairs Gathering has been a great addition to our regular gathered life together.  We’ve observed tremendous value in it and it provides us with lots of room to grow.  However, during the lower attendance summer months, it makes more sense to consolidate into one gathering, then begin again with two gatherings in the Fall.  June 8 was our last Upstairs Gathering until the Fall.

Another note about children in services: On June 15th we’re going to be celebrating baptisms during the service.  The elementary aged children will be part of this service.  There will be kids’s church June 22 – which will be the last kid’s church until the Fall.

Finally, we encourage you to continue to find ways to connect, relax and rejuvenate yourself this summer.  If your still making summer plans, consider the Enlive National Vineyard Celebration (they only happen once every 4 years!) in Kitchener, ON.  It will be a blast.

VBS is happening from July 1 – 5, make sure you check this out and register now.

Also, we’ll be heading out to the farm a few times this summer (July 27 & August 24).  If you’ve never been there before, make it part of your plans!