Mid-Summer Financial Update

WCV family,

This short report will bring you the latest update on WCV’s financial situation.

As we enjoy the summer we are seeing our deficit increase to a level that needs attention.  At July 31, we had an operating deficit of $35,699 which is at the maximum level that we can manage our cash flow comfortably.  The operations effect of this amount is somewhat reduced by the $18,646 surplus that we carried forward from previous years.  But the reality is that we must replace that amount before year-end.

We want to bring this situation to everyone’s attention so that all are aware.  Our income must now increase significantly to make up this deficit and carry us through to the end of the year.

We are thankful for all the generous support from many in the community, and continue to pray for God’s provision for all our needs.

Thank you,

Your Board of Directors

Invitation to Pray – Invitation to Grow

2016 Budget:  $441,580
Offerings to date:  $369, 842
What we still need for December:  $71, 738

These, simply, are the numbers regarding our current 2016 financial reality.  While they are, in one way, our current situation, there is another reality at work behind these numbers.  That is the simple truth that God provides and always has provided for us.  This should induce hope and faith, and dispel panic and worry.  It should not, however, cause us to become complacent.  The staff and Board of Directors diligently and prayerfully set budgets and keep track of expenses and income throughout the year, and each year around this time we are reminded of our dependence on God.  This annual reminder of our reliance on him in this way has changed us for the better – it’s formed us.  Yes, we all need to be diligent and faithful in our giving (thank you for that), but ultimately, it comes from him.

With that in mind we’d like to invite you to join us in holding our collective financial situation up to the Lord, knowing that as we do so, he hears us, provides for us and changes us.  The Staff, Pastoral and Lay Elders and the Board of Directors have been fasting and praying on Tuesdays.  You are invited to join us!

screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-9-59-00-amThis call to prayer and fasting is not a manipulative attempt to get WCVers to “dig deeper”.  Far from it!  It is a call to lay our cares before the “Lord of the harvest” – to offer our concerns and cares up to him – and as we do so, we are changed.  We become more reliant on him.  We become more trusting in his provision.  Gratitude is stirred in us for the ways he does provide for us collectively.  The exciting opportunity is that we are changed in the process!  

Will you join us?


6 Month Financial Update

A few years ago we began sharing our financial situation in the bulletin on a weekly basis as opposed to once a year at our Financial Info Nights. This was a direct response to an increased desire from WCVers to be “in the know” and to “own the financial situation of the church.” This letter is written in that same open Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 3.00.30 PMspirit. We hope this information will help us carry our financial situation together as a whole church, each person taking ownership without manipulation.
As always, we hold this situation in prayer and ultimately look to God for provision and wisdom. We feel writing this update is part of that. Ultimately, this situation is not in the BOD’s, Pastoral or Lay Elder’s nor even the congregation’s hands. It is firmly in God’s hands – we’re simply trying to be obedient to our part.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.” Psalm 20:7

Here’s the 6-month situation as of June 30:

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 2.51.41 PM                       

The current deficit of $36,702 compares to $14,595 in 2015. This deficit includes the $13,280 buffer surplus that we used to cushion the shortfall and needs to be replenished. This deficit is alarming given that it is only mid-year and so high.

There are two reasons the significant deficit this year:

  • Our regular offerings are down and in line with the income shortfall (other sources of income, like rentals, are not down). Our donations for June were at a 3-year low and the trend from the past few months is down.
  • Our expenses to operate are increasing with no option but to pay.

As your Staff and Board we consider this situation to be unprecedented enough to make some recommendations that may help immediately. We ask you to prayerfully consider responding.

Here are a few ways to respond:

  • Review your current giving level and year-to-date totals. If you have a shortfall please consider topping-up immediately.
  • If you haven’t already done so, consider signing up for pre-authorized withdrawals. This helps tremendously with cash-flow.
  • Consider increasing your giving level.
  • Pray for God’s provision of our financial needs. We rely on His supernatural provision at all times but sometimes forget to thank Him in times of plenty and continue asking for His help in times of scarcity.

We continue to believe that WCVers have the potential to meet all our annual budget needs. Whatever your interpretations are about tithing (10% to the local church – be generous in every situation – or something in between), the call to us as followers of Jesus is to be generous and the call to us as a local community of believers is to hold our local needs up in prayer and practice. Again, we trust in the Lord, not in finances (or horses or chariots!). He will see us through this, but not without forming us a little more into Christ’s likeness first. As leaders, we will continue to manage well and communicate info as relevant. Thanks for walking with us through this – thanks for your support – and thanks for your prayerful consideration of this letter!

Prayerfully & Thankfully,

Your Staff and Board of Directors



Financial Info Night Summary

We had our annual Financial Info Night a few weeks ago.  If you missed it, we encourage you to pick up one of the booklets at the Info Table.

Here is a brief version (please do see the booklet since it explains some of the numbers and vision in detail):

1. Operations

Offerings        $432,244
30% fund.      $129,673
Other.             $57,020
Oper. Inc.       $360,185

Expenses:    $346,906

Operational Surplus: $13,280

2015 actual expense graph


2. Capital

Designated income $21,512
Mortgage payment  $21,512
Balance.                                0

3. Total Income:


4. 30% Fund:

Income                           $129,673
Balance Forward          $10,361
Total income                 $140,034

Expenses                        $137,494
Surplus fwd                   $2,540
Total                               $140,034

30% fund 2016 expense budget graph

WCV Mortgage

Original Mortgage Amount $866, 826
Dec. 31, 2015 Balance $486, 537
WCV has reduced the mortgage in 16 years by $320, 289
Amount paid in 2015 $21, 512

Outer Circle & Financial Info Night

On March 19 we are having a special Outer Circle evening.  It will include our usual great supper together and sharing in our Triads, however we’re also going to present our budget for 2016 and hear from our BOD about some new initiatives and posture regarding the finances and assets of WCV.

Everyone is welcome for this evening.  If you are not part of the Outer Circle, you are welcome to come and check out what our gatherings are like.  We promise not to make it awkward for you!  We will have information available the Sunday beforehand for you to digest.

Saturday, March 19, 5:30 – 8pm.

Supper – Financial Info – Triad Sharing – Ending in Communion.

A reminder that if you have not yet put your name in for the Outer Circle, or an equivalent for 2016, please do so before this meeting so we can have an accurate WCV Membership list.  For more about membership at WCV go here.  Please contact the office to sign up.


If you are coming, please contact the office so we know how much food to prepare.

Also, if you require childcare, please contact the office to sign up.

2015 Financial Results

We are pleased to report that all our 2015 Financial commitments have been met and we ended the year with a surplus!

We acknowledge the reality and blessing of the LORD’S provision and the sacrificial giving of all of you who participate in and support WCV.  Also, thank you for joining us in prayer.  It was provided for – the Lord saw our need and responded!  It is truly His Kingdom work and He has been faithful in all our 20 years to provide for all our needs.  We praise and celebrate God for that.

The Board of Directors and Pastoral Staff are now working on the 2016 budget.