Twice a week, we have a drop-in where people from the neighbourhood (many of whom are street-involved in some way) come to hang out, encounter Jesus, and eat together. After the doors open, people enjoy grabbing coffee and chatting around our tables; prior to lunch (which is always good!), there is often a group Biblical reflection coupled with prayer ministry.

Although it may look slightly different than what happens on a Sunday here at the Vineyard, many people (including us!) think of drop-in as a church gathering – it is a community of kindness and social support, as well as a place to experience and grow in Christ. People often remark about how peaceful, safe, and friendly the gathering is.

We love all the wonderful things Jesus is doing at drop-in: he’s brought physical healing to people, comforted them in their pain, and showed them how special they are as we’ve celebrated their birthdays. He’s also knit the drop-in community together and many of those who come regularly have developed deep and meaningful friendships with others – even if, “on paper,” they might come from vastly different backgrounds. There are no divisions in God’s kingdom after all – no “street” or “non-street” people. And because this means that everyone has value and therefore that everyone can play, it’s common to see “street” people volunteering and serving at drop-in.

If you’re interested in making friends with people from the North End of Winnipeg, volunteering, and encountering more of Jesus and his kingdom with and through those our world deems poor (James 2:5), please get in touch. We’d love to have you with us!

Phone: (204) 582-2900
Email: admin@vineyard.ca

Drop-In is every Tuesday and Thursday at the Vineyard.
10am – 11.30am.