Upstairs Gathering Envisioning

On Sunday, April 30 we’re going to be spending the morning in evaluation and envisioning mode for the Upstairs Gathering.  This time is for anyone who has a stake in the UG as well as anyone would love to see something different happen – even if you’ve never been to there.  It’s time to do some renovations.  We are sensing that we need to make some tweaks and changes – to ask some good questions, and perhaps take it in some new directions.  We want to discuss together what these renovations could be.

Everyone’s welcome.

  • April 30.
  • In the Upstairs Gathering (3rd Floor Flatlanders Studio)


The 2nd is Up on the 3rd Again

After two months of evaluation, discussion and prayerful discernment, we’ve decided to begin the Upstairs Gathering again! A combination of practical details coming together, along with a sense of permission from God, has given the pastoral team a sense of confidence to continue the Sunday Gathering journey in this way. We’re excited to see what unfolds!

The Upstairs gathering will continue to help us with our goals of exploring diversity (smaller, quieter, more interactive), creating space for more leadership development, and providing us with room to grow.

The Upstairs Gathering will begin again on February 23 in the Flatlanders Studio on the 3rd floor. If you’re interested in being involved in either Sunday gathering, please let us know!

Upstairs Gathering Group