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Jeff Leighton and I recently had the privilege to travel to Nepal to be with our Himalayan Region Vineyard family.  The purpose of my trip was twofold: 1) to report on the earthquake recovery and rebuilding efforts, and 2) to be together and celebrate God’s goodness and presence in a conference right at the epicentre of the first earthquake.

Here are two videos, that are well worth the watch.

The Himalayan Region Vineyards are just getting to the finishing stages of the main rebuilding and recovery effort.  The team has been tireless and has done an amazing job at responding to needs in appropriate ways.  It’s quite amazing what’s been accomplished in the past 18 months.  This video gives a brief overview of the work (also detailed below) and offers four 2 minute stories of recovery.

The village of Nareshwahr, in the District of Gorkha was host to two big events in the past 18 months – it was the epicentre of the first earthquake and it was the host to 500 guests from across the Himalayan Region Vineyards who converged to celebrate God’s goodness, and look to the future together.  It was a significant undertaking, many people travelling days and spending up to one month’s salary just to get there – just to be together.  It was also a significant in that it marked the end of the recovery phase right at the earthquake’s epicentre.  Mountains were moved once more.  You’ll get an inside look at some of the sights and sounds of our powerful time together in this video:


An overview of the Relief, Recovery and Rebuilding efforts since April 2015:

424 Homes Built or Subsidized.

  • 54 – Provided 100% material & construction.
  • 40 – Provided 100% of materials.
  • 150 – Subsidized 25 – 50% of materials.
  • 180 – Subsidized 5 – 15% of materials.
  • Subsidies were determined based on need.

Over 217 lots cleared

  • Cleared of rubble in preparation for rebuilding.

9 Church Buildings Constructed.

  • 2 other church buildings subsidized (providing building materials the congregation couldn’t afford – non-Vineyard friend communities).

Started or Upgraded 36 Businesses 

  • For the urban poor in Kathmandu.  This was the creative response to the housing crisis in central Kathmandu where there are no affordable safe houses.  These businesses will increase the capacity of our people there to secure more affordable housing for themselves.

Bikka Land Purchased

  • 11 families in a high mountain village now have land who were previously squatting on government land.  They are low caste, and didn’t have anywhere to rebuild their homes.

Kids Helping Kids

  • Completed one Children’s Playground, one more is planned.
  • Funded by some Canadian Vineyard Kids!


  • Recently, distributed over 217 sleeping bags.  
  • Throughout the past 18 months over 7,400 rice bags delivered.  
  • 360 Tarps, 50 tents, 60 pots, pans and various and sundries numbering in the 100’s.
  • 600 Blankets.


  • Health and hygiene packets have been designed, packaged and delivered all over the region. Special attention has been given to packages designed specifically for women.
  • 5 medical outreaches including minor operations and treatment of illness’ to over 2,000 people.
  • 19 People provided with hospital care.

Road Built

  • 5 km (3 mile) road built to the epicentre village where we have a church.

Pastoral Care

  • Trauma counselling has been a huge part of the pastoral work across the region.  Our team has been nothing short of amazing in the amount of care and healing they have brought to body, soul, mind and spirit.  The toll on our care givers has been great, but the fruit is overwhelming.

Gathered 500 people from all over the Himalayas to celebrate the goodness of God at the Gorkha conference.

Over 35% of all funds used to date have gone to families and people outside of our church communities – to our “neighbours”.

44 People have been baptized in the earthquake zone.

Over 21,000 people impacted through the HRV efforts in over 30 Villages in 12 Districts.


There is one more major need – rebuilding the condemned buildings of the Kathmandu Vineyard – the main hub for the Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches.  Demolition will begin in January.  Stay tuned for more information and opportunities to be involved.



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Make sure you come out and support the Himalayan Region Vineyard’s Women’s Co-op at the annual Third + Bird Craft Market.

Here’s Deb Kelly with an invitation:

Saturday 10am – 4pm

Sunday 11am – 4pm (don’t go during church!)

Please note that even though it’s open on Friday, their admissions have been sold out.

Transcona Country Club 2070 Dugald Rd, Winnipeg, MB
Admission $5 (unlimited)
Kids 12 and under FREE
FREE onsite parking & FREE over flow parking shuttle
**Sorry no strollers, we happily encourage baby wearing**

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This year our theme for Advent is “The Heart Has A Home” – a series based in viewing the Christmas story through the gospel of John.  Make sure you pick up a copy of the accompanying booklet from the Info Table so you can follow along with the weekly devotional thoughts and scripture.  In fact, why not take two copies and invite someone to church with you this season!  A little gift and a welcome might just be what someone in your life needs in order to take the next step in their faith journey – you never know what can happen.

As is our tradition, our Christmas Eve service is on December 24 😉 and this year is no different!  It is one hour of beautiful, sublime singing – it’s always a special time.  It is 6pm – 7pm.

This year Christmas Day is on Sunday – so we’ll have a shortened service from 10am – 11:15am.  It will be special, so if you’re not busy with family plans, make sure you join us!

And, lastly, I encourage us all to immerse ourselves in John’s book this season.  Even planning to read a chapter a day from now until Christmas will give you the weekends off.  It’s a unique lens through which to view the Christmas story, and I think it will give life and light to those who who dare to enter.

PS: Thanks, Jessica Williams, for the creative decoration (and creative expression) in the main gathering area.

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by Jessica, Amanda & Chloe

Two weeks ago the three of us loaded up some camping gear and drove down to Standing Rock Sioux Nation. We went. Sixteen hours of driving (round-trip) provided ample time to talk about why. Why were we going? Why now? Why this?

Our church has recently journeyed through a sermon series on dreams and calling. I think it has challenged most of us to jump into the things we feel we were made for. This particular action felt like this to all of us. It came from within us. Though we each held different thoughts and motives, we all agreed that we were following our hearts, and it was beautiful to have the chance to affirm that in one another. The week prior to leaving, the topic of the sermon was discerning our dreams through asking three simple questions. Do I want it? Should I want it? And can I do it? This was a good metric for guiding our preparation.

The desire was there. We all wanted to go. As soon as one of us said, “Hey. . . want to go to Standing Rock?” the “yes” echoed.

But – should we? The Manitoba Energy and Justice Coalition held a meeting to discuss how Winnipeggers could support Standing Rock. We attended and found ourselves moved by so much of what we heard that night. We asked the question, “is it helpful for us to go?” and we were told yes. We were told to go, or to come, and to stand in prayer together, with the people of Standing Rock. This settled our spirits, aligned with our motives and gave practical information about what to expect.

And, finally, can we? Another yes. It worked for our families. They were willing to let us step into the unknown a bit because we all agreed that this was important and our hearts were moved to be a part of it. We were willing to take a risk. Usually standing up to power involves some kind of risk, and though we felt our risk was minimal, it was still a concern.

At the border we were met with a smile and asked why we were going to Standing Rock. Chloe answered brilliantly. “There are people crying out and we are going to listen.”

Yes. We were going to listen.

This idea was expounded on as we walked the ground, watched the people and participated in ceremony. During an impromptu interview with CBC, Amanda answered that question again by saying, “Sometimes we judge before we know. I want to know before I judge. I want to see with my eyes and to hear with my ears so I can speak what I’ve seen and heard at home.”

Jessica’s response was similar. “I am here to put my feet where my heart is. So often I care about a place. I talk about it, I pray about it, I learn about it. But it isn’t that often that I get to go.”

This time we did. We put our feet on the ground. We added our tobacco offerings to the fire, our voices to the song and our coats to the collection. We touched the elders. We listened to the youth. We passed the pipe. We bore witness. That is what we did.

And now we are home wondering what it means here.

We know that Indigenous people have been abused and oppressed throughout history.  It is our knowing that moved us to go. But knowing isn’t enough. Justice happens when wrongs are made right and we hope to be people who find ways to help that happen. At this moment in history, it seems that the call for us is to show up and to listen. The indigenous voice is rising. People are standing up, they are standing together, they are saying enough. We don’t want to miss it – or to get in the way of it.

We want to hear the rising.

So each of us in our own way will aim to show up, to quiet ourselves, to lean in and to listen. And when we can, we will do what is asked of us. That is what we did at Standing Rock and we can do that here, too.


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This Sunday, we’ll have a gift waiting for you! During this Advent and Christmas Season, we’re going to be looking to the Gospel of John for direction and inspiration. Admittedly, it’s an unusual choice, but as we’ll discover it contains one of the most epic Christmas stories every told! We’re going to be spending all four Sundays in Advent (starting Nov 27) as well as Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (it’s a Sunday this year) in John. The series is called “The Heart Has A Home” and there is an accompanying devotional booklet that is our gift to you. Use it weekly by yourself, with friends or family to follow along with each Sunday’s scripture and teaching. Our prayer for the whole WCV community is that we’d all come closer to our heart’s true home this season.


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by Chloe, Jessica, and Amanda

This coming weekend (November 10-13) we are traveling to Standing Rock Sioux Nation to join water protectors who are resisting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We are going because we can feel that the Spirit is moving there, and we want to join in that movement. We are going because we want to acknowledge the humanity of the Oceti Sakowin (Sioux Nation) and their right to life. We are going because we want to honor treaties, in this case the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie. We are going because we want to stand against the continuing colonization that exploits Indigenous people and Creation. We are going because Indigenous leaders asked us to “come, with prayerful intention, rooted in love, for the sacredness of water and place.” We are going.

There are plenty of resources online for more information, one we recommend people check out is buy phentermine online legally.

Please support the people and the planet through prayer. You can also offer financial or material support by cheap phentermine overnight delivery before November 10.  We are collecting high quality winter gear (sleeping bags, warm clothes, tents, etc.) and are happy to do pick-ups.  At any point you can contact phentermine overnight delivery no rx to get involved, offer support, or learn more.

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Recently the Vineyard International Executive, led by John and Eleanor Mumford, met with His Holiness Pope Francis in a historic moment at the Vatican.  This is a continued sign of the increased unity amongst the body of Christ around the world and points towards the way in which God is moving his sovereign hand amongst His church for His glory.  Noel Isaacs was part of this contingent.  Below are a few of his thoughts and what stood out to him about the meetings and Francis’ responses to a few questions he was asked.

1) Priority of the poor in the gospel

Never forget the poor.  You can never understand the gospel without the poor.  Jesus came to the poor, the needy, the Sick!  We need to understand the poor in order to understand the Gospel.  In raising awareness for the poor, you quickly get accused being a Communist.  But it is not about Communism or Capitalism, but about the Reign of God (which equals the Kingdom of God).  The poor need our attention, our love, and our care – only through them can we understand the Gospel.

Serving two masters:

The Bible says you cannot serve to masters.  The problem is not the money in itself, but loosing your heart to the money: “The devil comes through your pocket”.  There are three, we might say, main ways in which the devil tries to gain our hearts.  The first is money, the second is vanity, the third is pride.  When the church thinks she has become rich, that moment is the beginning of her downfall.  The true treasure of the Church is not the buildings, not what we might call property, but the Spirit, the poor, our hearts….

It might sound foolish, but there is a poverty of the rich man: It is him who thinks he can save himself with money, who thinks he can have everything through money and possessions, but is never filled and satisfied.

2) What do you think the Holy Spirit is saying to the Church?

It’s all about unity.  The Pope had spoken in his liturgy that very morning about the Holy Spirit, partially out of Galatians.

There are three ways we can regard or react to the Holy Spirit:

1) to ignore the Holy Spirit (you stupid Galatians! Galatians 3.1ff), which, according to the holy father is simply stupid (stupido)!!

2) to grieve the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4.30) by not giving him room to work, by keeping him to yourself and stay inward focused.

3) to give Him room to work through us. We should be as a ship with its sails set high to catch the wind (he made a gesture to underline his words by raising his hands).

3) How can we contribute to the unity of the Church and bless the Roman Catholic Church?

Walk forward together and journey together.  This implies going forward and being in motion.  It involves working in practical ways together, to pray together and for each other and to care for the poor (we might say, do ministry) together.

We serve and minister WITH the poor, not TO the poor.  The standard is what we find in Matthew 25. After all, this is how Jesus says that we will be “judged”.


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We’re embarking on a new series entitled, “Why On Earth?: David, calling and the pursuit of God”. No matter where we are in life we all need to grapple with the big questions like: Why on earth am I here? What’s my calling? What kind of person has God called me to become? And, how can I figure it out or get more clarity on it?

These are some of the questions we’re going to be exploring together as we look to David’s life for some guidance. We’ll let his story be our guide in this process of pursuing God’s will for our lives – of gaining clarity on some of those big questions. We’ll trace the ups and downs of his failures and successes and glean what we can to apply to our 21st century lives. We are also going to be looking to a few others along the way who will help us contextualize God’s invitations for us today. In particular, the 16th century’s St. Teresa of Avila and her “Interior Castle” and the “7 Stages” of our own Vineyard founder, John Wimber.

Our hope is that through this series, God would clarify his calling for each of us, and encourage us on our journeys as we follow Jesus throughout our lives. For some of us, it will be a journey of self discovery. For others, we’ll gain new insights on our calling as we already understand it. Ultimately, as we see God’s heart for David, we’ll be able to also see his heart for us and those around us. Fredrick Buechner stumbled buy phentermine philippinesupon some wisdom when he wrote, “the place God calls you is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”  (in Wishful Thinking: a theological ABC). We pray that each person in WCV would find that sweet spot, and that we’d be a people “after God’s heart” (1 Sam 13:14, Acts 13:22).





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buy phentermine 37.5This past weekend we had an impromptu pop-up garden stand!  Jessie Penner had a whole bunch of extra produce that she shared with any and all who happened to leave by the South doors (and we’re also sharing with those in Drop-in this week too).  Thanks Jessie!

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phentermine buy online forum

phentermine online usThis week Noel Isaacs, who is the founder of Dakhbari Sangati and Senior Pastor of Kathmandu Dakhbari Sangati and Director Of Himalayan Region Vineyard Churches, will be travelling to the Vatican in Rome to meet with His Holiness Pope Francis. He is going at the invitation of Cardinal Kurt Koch, the president of the Pontifical Council For Promoting Christian Unity. This is an exciting opportunity! Pray for God’s blessing for Noel and the other Vineyard leaders from around the world who will also be travelling together.

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Our new murals are one of the sites for cheapest phentermine pills online this year and our parking lot will be the rendezvous point for the Bike Jam.

online phentermineSat, Oct 1 from 6pm – 9:30 ish. Our parking lot will be transformed into a pop-up party that will include:

  • Rally point for the annual Rainbow Trout Bike Jam (last year’s bike jam had about 600 bicycles), and for anyone else participating in the Nuit Blanche activities.
  • Large pop-up stage with music (sponsored by Manitoba Music with 3 amazing acts),
  • Participatory art project,
  • Bike tune-ups,
  • Break dance competition,
  • Light art installations and a
  • DJ booth.

It’s gonna be a party! We’re expecting in upwards of 1000 people and bicycles in our parking lot.

The whole event is a family friendly and dry. It will be loud and well lit (there’s a giant disco ball being installed above the DJ booth). Access to the building will be limited to the Flatlanders Studio (porta potties will be provided outside).

Our very own phentermine paypal will be open with the new exhibit called generic vs brand adipex. Blair is working hard at getting this show up and running.  Make sure you come out and see the new LED light system that has just been installed – not to mention some great art!

This seems like a lot – and it is! For us it is all a great opportunity to “work for the good of the city in which I have sent you.” (Jeremiah 29)

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buy adipex

Our new murals are completed! It’s been exciting to watch them unfold over the past few weeks. So many people have come by to have a second (and third and fourth) look and countless others have been impacted by these murals already. What are they thinking? What’s going on for them? I’ve witnessed many people deeply moved as they take it all in – what might God be doing in them?

One of the main objectives of public street art is to create a space for wonder and curiosity – to capture people’s attention and imaginations and to spur dialogue. Already both these murals are doing just that. We are thrilled to receive these gifts and are doubly blessed to have one of our how to buy phentermine 37.5 online, expressed in such massive ways. We are creative beings, made in the image of our Creator. Every act of creative expression reflects God in some way.

One theologian said, “It is not the task of Christianity to provide easy answers for every question, but to make us progressively aware of a Mystery. God is not so much the object of our knowledge as the cause of our wonder.” (Kallistos Ware) Our hope is that these works will draw people to the great and loving Mystery and the things he cares about.

Below are some thoughts on each mural, bearing in mind that art is always subjective and that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, as they say. Both murals hold a lot of meaning for the artists as well as us in the Vineyard – but their power also lies in the ineffable beauty, colour, and mystery… things that “words cannot express.”


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“Mending”, is the apt title of the mural facing the greenspace (and everyone travelling North on Main St). As you can see, it features a strong and beautiful indigenous woman. buy phentermine hcl 37.5 online, the married artist duo of buy legit phentermine online and phentermine 4mg who hail from Toronto with roots in South America, dedicated this piece “to strength and resilience of the First Nations Women from across the Americas.” She stands in marked contrast to how women are usually depicted on billboards across our society.

Her bracelets and poncho are adorned with designs and patterns of tribes and First Nations from South, Central and North America, in that order.  Bruno says, “Shalak and I spoke with elders here in Winnipeg, and they gave us direction as to what symbolism we should use on her poncho and jewelry. Combining symbolism from the South and North is a beautiful thing – Indigenous people standing together.”  Her strength and beauty stands in solidarity with all indigenous peoples.

She goes about her quiet yet important work of mending a heart that is ripped. Shalak and Bruno say “her act of “Mending” is symbolic of the healer, and reconstruction of the broken or missing pieces of our communities.”

can you buy phentermine in indiaHer hat is crowned with a ring of Musk oxen, our metaphor of the kind of community we are called to be. Muskox are known to surround vulnerable members of the herd to protect them against harm – they use their strength in the service of others. The Muskox in this painting represent “the surrounding communities coming together for her protection and everything she stands for.”

With her poncho she enfolds a prairie landscape and a city, both of which give way to the sky. We are all in this together and work toward the healing of our hearts, bodies, societies and even the earth itself. To us, this is a beautiful picture of the heart of God and his restorative work in and through us. Let it be!

Finally, Shalak and Smoky say, “through these symbolic images we wish to give homage to and remember missing and murdered indigenous women. The act of mending is representative of the healing process, the need to face, overcome and heal the social unbalances and inequalities that are present in our societies that all too often hurt the most vulnerable communities.”  Hanging at her centre is a pinecone, a symbol of hope. When it experiences the heat of a forest fire, its seeds are released to bear fruit. We can see a future for our people where all the fires of our suffering will bear much fruit. And so we hope. Behind the pine cone are the beaded portions of a pair of moccasins (called vamps) – the symbol of missing and murdered indigenous women, many of whom we have known and still love. In this respect, Mending works together with our Vineyard Memorial Path, a little to the West.

Aqua Lungsaqua-lungs-w-artists

This mural is designed and painted by a collaboration of Toronto based duo, Patrick Thompson and Alexa Hatanaka, collectively known as phentermine mastercard, and a 17 year old artist from Cape Dorset, Nunavut, Parr Josephee. The Inuit inspired contemporary design is a tribute to Parr’s roots. The human figure in the mural is a self portrait of Parr holding his first fish, which he caught this past summer.

This piece is two large watery lungs that hold humans, animals and a cross section of the earth together, portraying the interconnection between all three. Healing waters surround them. The deep, vibrant colours echo the rich cultures of Canada’s north. Winnipeg is a well known hub of Inuit art, and we are pleased to be part of this.

Patrick said, “when you’re creating a piece of public work, you need to create work that’s going to live with people… It can’t be preachy, but it should talk about something real.”  One of the “real” issues people from Parr’s home are facing is the impact seismic testing has on the wildlife living in the waters. Narwhal whales, one of which is depicted in this mural, are particularly susceptible to this testing. When the animals are negatively effected, the people also suffer. This mural is painted to speak to that issue, and to highlight the reality that we are all connected in one way or another. “It negatively affects the people, and it negatively affectParr Josephees all of us down south who have very little connection to the north but when those ties are broken between people, and a way of life, and culture, and food, and history… the potential for disaster is great,” Patrick says.

Parr told me, “I’m so happy to be painting here. I feel good to paint here and have people see my work.”

Of particular note for us in this mural is the theme of water. We have received many dreams, pictures and words over many years about water. It’s amazing that now we have a very “watery” mural painted right on the wall of our building. The fish is also of biblical note!

Nuit Blanche Bike Jam Party:

Both of these murals are part of the overnight phentermine mural festival, organized by ordering phentermine 37.5 online. Graffiti Art Programming, NECRC, Manitoba Music are also involved, as are many other funders.

Also, both murals will be on particular display during cheap phentermine 37.5 on Oct 1 from 6pm – 9:30 ish. On that evening our parking lot will be transformed into a pop-up party that will include:

  • Rally point for the annual Rainbow Trout Bike Jam (last year’s bike jam had about 600 bicycles), and for anyone else participating in the Nuit Blanche activities.
  • Large pop-up stage with music (sponsored by Manitoba Music with 3 amazing acts),
  • Participatory art project,
  • Bike tune-ups,
  • Break dance competition,
  • Light art installations and a
  • DJ booth.

It’s gonna be a party! We’re expecting in upwards of 1000 people and bicycles in our parking lot.

The whole event is a family friendly and dry. It will be loud and well lit (there’s a giant disco ball being installed above the DJ booth). Access to the building will be limited to the Flatlanders Studio (porta potties will be provided).

Finally, our very own phentermine paypal will be open with the new exhibit called generic vs brand adipex. Blair is working hard at getting this show up and running. Make sure you come out and see the new LED light system that has just been installed – not to mention some great art!

This seems like a lot – and it is! For us it is all a great opportunity to “work for the good of the city in which I have sent you.” (Jeremiah 29)

October 1, 6pm – 9:30pm ish.

The Mending Progression:

(click to enlarge)


Aqua Lungs Progression:

(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in the creation of these murals – specifically the Artists: the Clandestinos, PA System & Parr Josephee, the organizers, specifically Andrew & Chloe from Synonym, Andrew from NECRC and Pat from the Graffiti Gallery. Of course there are many other funders and contributors – this is really a community effort. Thanks to all!