Our Story

In 1995 God brought a number of people, led by David and Anita Ruis, to begin a community of faith in the core area of Winnipeg.  WCV was born out of a desire to create an authentic community of followers of Jesus Christ, devoted to worshiping him with their whole lives, and extending God’s justice to the poor and those who are weak.

For us worshipping God is much more than singing a few songs on a Sunday morning. It is a whole lifestyle that includes offering everything that makes us human to God – our minds, bodies, emotions, spirits, cultures, as well as social and economic dimensions.

Our worship of Jesus does not stop there. It demands a practical outpouring of love to those around us… especially to those on the margins of society.  Our worship lacks integrity if we are not expressing our love for God through loving our neighbour.  Likewise, everything we do is worthless if we are not doing it from a foundation of being loved by God, and loving him back.  James, Peter and John had only one requirement for Paul and Barnabas when they were sent out on their first missionary journey… that they “remember the poor” (Gal 2:10).  We do not want to forget or neglect the poor… in fact Jesus said that when we care for “the least of these” we are actually caring for Him! (Mt 25:40)

God has called WCV to be a community where many people from all walks of life, ages, cultures and economic backgrounds can find a place to be loved, to become strong, and to help others become strong.  We are a small part of the beautiful mosaic that makes up the entire body of Christ in Winnipeg.

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